I’m Back, With a Perspective that will Amaze Some

Donald J. Trump is a certifiable genius!

Donald J. Trump is Our President!

I get where he’s going and what he’s doing. I’ve put the pieces together and I understand.

It is a game that is not a game. There will be winners and losers, but this is a literal fight to the death.

However, things are not as they appear. And, in order to avoid tipping his hand, what I’ve determined and what I’m still deciphering cannot be completely divulged.

Q leaves crumbs. Most of what can be gleaned there just reinforces the process to understand what may be coming next. Too many are taking Q’s drops as literal. Some are bait, some are misdirection, and some are true morsels to be cherished.

Many have scratched their heads over apparent missteps made by our President. I assure you that Donald J. Trump makes very few missteps. He’s the fox the hounds are after. He leads them where he wants them to go.

Relax a bit. Do you see our President sweating the daily barrage? I sure don’t. I do see the theatrics. And there’s your real clue. Understand that Trump is a master at getting his way. More often than not, he appears to be losing when the tide turns.

There’s so much that will be obvious in the coming months. Do not get impatient. And do not expect those that understand to give you the answers. His game is too important for individual egos, including his own.

Enjoy the show and know that someone(s) are fighting for you night and day. You will soon see the results and the past will shock you, but the future is bright.

Is a Constitutional Conservative, retired and living in the Philippines. My views are my own. Each article is thoroughly researched and then processed using 70+ years of logic and experience, do not expect footnotes and sources, as they are collected over long periods of time and often appear to be disconnected.

Articles come in a rush and I write as I process the information. I check anything I’m unsure of, however, inconsequential inaccuracies may slip through, so, I invite you to use your own research and logic to verify my writings.

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