False Malware Warning on Conservative Sites

Notice: Once this story broke, we have been receiving reports from people about issues. We will be updating them at the bottom of this article. Please, check back for updates on this developing story.

It seems this site may have been victim to a new way to censor conservative sites. We have been receiving reports from people attempting to visit it that it is infected with Malware. Of course, they run away like scared bunnies!

Is This a New Tool of the Left?

In the past, when I would visit a new site, and a WARNING would pop up, I would leave before I even read the message. So, this is proven to be quite effective in suppressing visitors and reach of a website.

Our Site Has Malware Protection

Terrymcmurray.com has been repeatedly scanned for possible Malware. There is none. We have the latest Malware and Virus protection in place, to protect, both, ourselves, and our visitors.

If you are reading comments below a link and one, or more, comment warns about Malware, it will stop you cold. There’s no way you would visit that site. No one could reassure you at that point, you are gone.

False Positives Are Effective

Given the above information, a very effective means of stifling Free Speech, or Opposing Thought, is to scare the visitor away before they ever visit the site.

Could this Be a New Tactic of the Left?

Yes, it well could be. Our site is being affected by this issue, which is difficult to track down.

Trolls Could Just Post “Infected” in Comments and Kill a Story.

This is not happening yet, that I’m aware of. But, it would be effective. Or, just get (pay) the Anti-Virus companies to search for certain content to report as “Infected”. That could be quite effective and so hard to identify.

Conservatives need to be aware of scare tactics and avoid being manipulated.

We will be monitoring our traffic and comments closely. If you are visiting us and receive a Malware Warning, it is a FALSE WARNING.

UPDATE: It’s been determined that Avast Anti-virus is returning FALSE WARNINGS. Recently, I had Avast on my computer, with less than desirable results (it slowed it to a crawl). We are still researching other brands and browsers to see if this is an issue with only one company, or becoming pervasive.
Updated: April 22, 2018 @ 6:14 am
UPDATE: Apple iOS, when being redirected from Facebook, is not connecting to the site. Is this an iOS issue, or is Facebook using another sneaky way to censor Conservatives?  

More reports forthcoming! ~ Terry


Is a Constitutional Conservative, retired and living in the Philippines. My views are my own. Each article is thoroughly researched and then processed using 70+ years of logic and experience, do not expect footnotes and sources, as they are collected over long periods of time and often appear to be disconnected.

Articles come in a rush and I write as I process the information. I check anything I’m unsure of, however, inconsequential inaccuracies may slip through, so, I invite you to use your own research and logic to verify my writings.


  1. My Advast protection cut connection to your site all together claiming there was malware, so you are absolutely correct. I’m not seeing anything in your source code that would be considered malware at all. You have a simple wordpress site with no ads or popups. I’ll be sharing this far and wide.

    1. Thank you Laura for taking the time to validate the article. Awareness is power. Thanks for sharing and spreading the message.

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