Is Mark Cuban Still Alive?

Mark Cuban has been so uncharacteristically quiet, I’ve started to wonder if something has happened to him.

You remember Mark, right? You know, the guy that hated Trump and bashed him regularly during the presidential campaign. You know, the staunch Hillary supporter, the guy that was constantly in the news, running his mouth. The Dallas Maverick’s owner, the one that was regularly getting fined by the NBA for mouthing off. Mark, the Shark Tank Billionaire Investor. The same Mark Cuban that was rather proud of his association with “Girls Gone Wild”.

Promoting near to possibly underage porn. That’s our boy Mark.

Just a thought. Didn’t the guy that started GGW get into trouble? Did he get jail time for his use of underage girls? Doesn’t Mark have a past that includes underage girls?

Is this what has muzzled him? Is he trying to fly under radar?

I expected to hear “Mark The Mouth” blasting his old friend Dennis Rodman for supporting Trump and wearing a MAGA hat on TV interviews. Remember, Dennis played for the Mavericks and even lived in Mark’s guest house for a period of time. But, as much of a slap in the face as that this was for Mark, he held his tongue. Talk about restraint, from a guy that has never been known for restraint.

“Mark The Mouth” is scared! He’s seen what’s happened to the likes of Weinstein and others.

Mark’s not a dumb guy, not dumb enough to support Hillary Clinton under normal circumstances, but he understood that his very freedom was on the line. So, the election wasn’t ordinary circumstances for him. He was desperate then and he’s scared silent now.

Now, unlike De Niro, “The Mouth” is just laying low and praying to be overlooked.

De Niro being a big shot.

But, I feel Mark needs his time in the spotlight. Mark enjoys the limelight. So, let’s, one and all, do our best to help his name not be forgotten. He should never hide his light under a bushel.


Is a Constitutional Conservative, retired and living in the Philippines. My views are my own. Each article is thoroughly researched and then processed using 70+ years of logic and experience, do not expect footnotes and sources, as they are collected over long periods of time and often appear to be disconnected.

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