NASCAR Must Change

I’ve been following NASCAR since 1959. I’ve watched as it matured, became safer and as it removed innovation and imagination from the sport. NASCAR has truly lost its way now.

The present form of NASCAR racing is just not working. Fans are bored with it and NASCAR is way over controlling in their attempt to make racing competitive.

Let’s face it, we will never return to the days of true stock car racing. Today’s cars are not made to race, they are made for comfort and commuting. It’s time to change the format.

It’s time to get rid of crappy stage racing. Eliminate yellow flag pit stops. Eliminate the Chase. And get rid of fake manufactures’ car bodies.

First, Let’s Fix The Car Itself!

Have one body and chassis for all makes. Difference is engine, transmission, drive gear, and the decal on the hood, top or side panels.

Teams would be assigned the ‘car’ by drawing lots the day before qualifying. They would then apply their number and manufacture decals, install the drive train and adjust the suspension within a certain range.

At no time would the team have private possession of the vehicle. No removal of the ‘car’ from the track, just the drive train. NASCAR would move the vehicles from track to track, or build a stable of vehicles for each track.

Drive train minimum weight and maximum displacement would be set by NASCAR. Beyond that, it would be the teams discretion how it is set up. Innovation would not only be allowed, it would be encouraged.

Costs per team would be dramatically reduced.

Let’s Change The Way Sponsorships Work!

No more teams chasing sponsors! Sponsorship would be through NASCAR only, and sponsor dollars would be distributed evenly to the teams. Manufactures’ dollars would be regulated, as well. With most of their contribution being in drive trains for the corporate team.

This type of racing is not new, IROC was a variation of this. It puts the skill of the driver, the quality of manufacture’s drive train and ingenuity of the team back into racing.

One negative could be the team’s and driver’s lack of concern for bringing the car back in one piece. And even potentially wrecking a chassis that was deemed to be uncompetitive.

No yellow flag pit stops!

Think about this, yellow flags are caution flags, they aren’t let’s pit flags. All green flag stops means that there is no advantage to ‘staying out’ hoping for that caution flag. It means that no one gets an unfair advantage.

Line up as running for restarts. No moving lapped cars to the back. The gap between cars is the only change.


I’ve hated it from its inception! No amount of tweaking makes it fair, or even enjoyable to watch.

Make NASCAR Fun Again!

It’s time for NASCAR to get over itself! Honestly, they’ve pretty well mucked up the sport. Throw out the rule book and start over! You’ll control the chassis and body. You can set pit road speed, you can control the pit box. But, go to single nut wheels and internal jacks for cost and safety reasons! You’ve micro managed the sport almost to death!!!

Is a Constitutional Conservative, retired and living in the Philippines. My views are my own. Each article is thoroughly researched and then processed using 70+ years of logic and experience, do not expect footnotes and sources, as they are collected over long periods of time and often appear to be disconnected.

Articles come in a rush and I write as I process the information. I check anything I’m unsure of, however, inconsequential inaccuracies may slip through, so, I invite you to use your own research and logic to verify my writings.

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