Citizens love to trust and follow their government. It makes their life easy, reduces personal responsibility, lets them be ‘hands-off’ and removed from the ‘nasty stuff’. Citizens love being sanitized and their lives unaffected by events around them.

Given the above, my blog will be messing up your life! I’ll be digging in the dumpsters where the bad stuff is disposed of. I’ll be using a backhoe in the landfills of depravity to expose what’s really there. I’m the trash man in reverse, I’m bringing the trash and garbage to your doorstep. Making you look at what you really don’t want to see.

It is only fair of me to warn you that I will not sanitize my words, or the reality of what is really happening to many of the 800,000 children that go missing each year. Or, how money is moved, skimmed, moved, skimmed almost continuously until the skimmers have 90% of what was originally moved. I will introduced you to human trafficking victims. You’ll have access to first hand accounts that are, for the sheltered masses, unimaginable. This and much more will be explored with the intent of letting you see the real workings of your beloved government and many of your religious leaders. Your beliefs and peace of mind with be shattered once you grasp what is being presented.

For now, I’m putting this out there for you to digest. Posts will follow shortly.

May God Bless America and May America Deserve God’s Blessings.

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