That was the headline! I’m not here to debate the claim, it could be lower, or higher, it really doesn’t matter except to the children involved. I am questioning the motives of the liberal left in their opposition to immigration control. I question their opposition to DNA testing to prove relationship. Is their opposition due to the money they receive, the fact that they are involved, or compromised? One thing I can assure you, it isn’t out of compassion for the children, as they claim.

Sex trafficking is horrid. It is no way for a child to grow up. It subjects the child to the whims of, one, or more, adults. The child learns quickly to be quiet about their lives.

BUT, sex trafficking can be better than alternatives! Some trafficked children are literally tortured and killed for sacrifices – organs – young blood – adrenochrome – and pure sport.

A child is a very valuable entity to those that market and buy them. Often the sum of their parts exceed the value of the child as a whole and they are literally parted out, just like a junk car, or an aborted baby.

Parted out a child, that is not sexually attractive, can bring $50K, or more. This same child, being sex trafficked, may bring as little as $2,500, or find no buyers at all. A sexually attractive child can bring upwards of $100K.

Being trafficked, means being a slave, being out of control, being at the mercy of people that do not possess an ounce of mercy. Since you are ‘out of the system’, you may be disposed of in any manner the owner desires. Including being used for sexual fun, then parted out. Does this mean the body is sold for food? Yes, this is often the case. Every part of the child is utilized. There’s no body to find, the child is lost forever.

Children who manage to escape this torment are silenced through intimidation and fear of reprisals. Only a very few speak out, and those are ignored by the media. Only digging will expose the truth.

As I go forward, I will be providing links to stories, to first hand accounts and testimony of many who were involved. For now, look up the dark allegations that surround child actress Heather O’Rourke’s death and red leather shoes.

Reminder: Use DuckDuckGo for your search engine, Google and others restrict results.


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