Eddie Murphy is O-Tay, But White Power Signs are BAD!

Odd how the new, all the rage, white power sign just didn’t catch on. Or, did it?

I mean, we’ve all seen Barack Obama pictured giving the WP sign, along with Hillary Clinton! Of course, you have the expected WP’s, like Donald Trump and his gang of Deplorables that use it to communicate their disdain for people other than white with this magic sign.

But, it seems the sign has been in use for decades, possibly centuries. And celebrities have been known to flash it both in character and out.

But, we must find the source. this horrible sign had to originate somewhere to be used so widely.

I nominate Eddie Murphy for this award. Yeah, inconveniently, he’s not white. Sort of like Barack and others. But, he’s a stand out! Here he is doing his Stymie on SNL!  You be the judge, guilty as charged, or not?

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