NASCAR is Toast!


That’s a bold statement, but it couldn’t be more true! Monster Energy is sponsoring a dinosaur! A fossil of a time when it was actually relevant.

Let’s face it, competitive cars/teams have continued to dwindle. In the 60’s virtually every participant could win a race. This held true through the 70’s and most of the 80’s, with a few exceptions.

By the 90’s NASCAR was losing competitive teams as they exercised more and more control over the teams and cars. However, the fan base continued to grow.

That all stopped about 7 – 9 years ago. Now fan base is dwindling as fast as race teams.

Last year, 43 cars were guaranteed at every event. They struggled to fill the field. This year, the race is limited to 40 teams, and they sometimes race short! Why?

Cost of fielding a team would be a good starting point. Reduced TV audience and paid admissions reduce sponsor dollars proportionately. Monster purchased the sponsorship far cheaper than Sprint. The business model is flawed and it dying.

NASCAR was originally formed to serve the drivers. The drivers invariably owned their teams. Then, teams hired the lesser drivers because they could build competitive race cars. NASCAR was formed as nothing more than a promotion company.

Crazy Fast Talladega caused a driver’s revolt when it opened.

NASCAR flexed its muscle the first time with the opening of Talladega. The drivers had formed a union against the now, ever more, controlling marketing company. Richard Petty and other drivers felt that Talladega was unsafe, literally a suicide track. They refused to race… NASCAR won, broke the union, and, from that point forward, had complete control of Stock Car Racing.

Today, NASCAR is fielding no more that 18 teams that are capable of winning a race under ‘normal’ circumstances. The Chase is 16 teams. So, literally there are 2 spots up for grabs among the 4 bottom teams of the upper tier.

Why have a racing season? Why fill the ranks with non-competitive teams (if you can)? What does NASCAR provide as far as a real sport? Has it become professional wrestling?

I grew up with the real racing of the emerging NASCAR. The real cars! The real, I’m better than you, need to win every race! I remember when the field far exceeded the 43 cars that were later guaranteed to the tracks. I remember when drivers literally would ‘run what they brung’… often driving to and, hopefully, from the track in the same vehicle.

Today’s drivers are business men. They don’t race to win, they race to make money! They race to make their sponsors look good. They lack the heart of true race drivers.

Driving conservatively to insure a top 10 finish may be cool today, but to the real drivers they’d be run off the track as being in the way!

I long for stock cars that are stock cars! Today’s NASCAR is a Joke, a Circus, and I’m done.

Goodbye NASCAR, you left me long ago, I’m just closing the door now.

You are not welcome back.

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