Is Manchester Attack Cover for Kim Dotcom’s Information Release On Seth Rich?

Today is Tuesday in South East Asia. This is the day, there is to be a release of Kim Dotcom’s information concerning the involvement by Seth Rich in the DNC leaks that resulted in his death.

Unfortunately, a major terrorist attack has just taken place in Manchester. Which is now grabbing all the headlines and will for several days.

Please understand my heart aches for the victims of this dastardly event which is currently unfolding

This horrible atrocity and wanton destruction of innocent young lives, will help to obscure Kim’s information release and interview on Hannity.

To call this a ‘False Flag” attack while the bodies are still being counted and the injured are being treated, appears to be callous. Nothing could be further from the truth.

However, there is ALWAYS an attack of some kind when major stories, which are negative to the Deep State, Democrats, and Clinton especially, break, or are about to break.

It is a standard MO and has become quite predictable. So predictable, in fact, they should be somewhat preventable.

ISIS has claimed credit for this attack. But, we all know who created ISIS. Thank you, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

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