Remember Comey’s Purported Memo? NYT Journalist Confirms…

The New York Times reported that former FBI Director James Comey took notes detailing a conversation he had with the President over dinner back in February. According to a source cited in the NYT article, President Trump asked Comey to drop the Michael Flynn investigation. Democrats, naturally, demanded impeachment.

Recent reports suggest that the NYT journalist who broke the story, Michael Schmidt, never even saw the memo. In fact, the memo was read to him over the phone.

When Brian Williams interviewed Schmidt about the memo, he was unable to talk coherently about it.

Schmidt said, “Someone that had seen them recounted details to me.”

If you think that Schmidt has no idea about the memo, you’re probably right. He’s having trouble keeping his story straight, although he claims that he’s ‘comfortable’ with the reliability of his sources; Some guy on the phone reading something to him.

That’s journalism?

Angry Patriot reports:

We’ve heard about Comey’s memos and their alleged serious implications. The liberal media hasn’t stopped talking about it ever since the news broke in a New York Times piece.

SURPRISE! It turns out that the story about Comey’s “memo” is false. Pat Dollard reported recently that Michael Schmidt, the original NYT “journalist” who covered the story, never actually saw the memo! During an interview with Brian Williams, you can watch him sputter and stumble as he tries to get his message out.

Source: Remember all that talk about Comey’s memo? NYT journalist confirms … – Fiscal Conservatives

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