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Western Union has a new promotion for “Open Borders”. This Globalist view is dragging the entire world into a quagmire that most certainly will result in world war. I find this promotion to be the standard bleeding heart liberal lunacy that is far too prevalent in todays society.

I have a heart, a big heart. But, my friends and family will always come first! As they should.

Many of these, so called, refugees have no intention of assimilating. Their purpose is to change the host country. Literally to destroy their host. Western Union must not be paying attention to the destruction these ‘refugees’ bring with them.

I use Western Union monthly to transfer money. I will be looking for other sources for future transfers.Maybe a boycott of Western Union is in order. This type of thinking is just plain dangerous.

“Western Union Stands With Refugees. We believe opportunity knows no borders.”

The Old Monkey understands that borders exist for a reason. To keep undesirables out. Terrorists are openly embedded within the refugees they created.

There is no room in today’s world for open entry into a sovereign country. Extreme vetting is required.

Western Union stands with refugees. We believe opportunity knows no borders.

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