Afterlife; My Wife’s Connection

Many of you know that I reside in the Philippines. The Philippines is quite a paradox. Strong Roman Catholic believers that fully believe in what most of us would call voodoo.

My wife lost her younger brother in a motorcycle accident in February of this year (2017). Since that time she has spoken with him often, each day.

At first he was on earth and somewhat scared. Now, he’s in ‘The Beautiful Place’ (TBP) and quite happy.  He is serving as a guardian angel and as her contact to the afterlife.

I, of course, cannot hear him, but have talked with him and others through her. I find this experience enlightening, interesting and somewhat perplexing. Much of it flies in the face of what we are taught, while, at the same time, it verifies much.

A few examples:

  • My step-father cheated on my mother, broke up her marriage to my father, yet is in TBP
  • My mother loved money more than anything, she cheated on my father, she is not in TBP
  • A Facebook friend with mental issues committed suicide, he is in TBP
  • A friend committed suicide, no mental issues, he is not allowed in TBP
  • It appears that most ordinary people make it to TBP

About a month ago, Teresa, my wife, contacted my sister who passed a couple of years ago, to set my mind to ease about her. Since then, I have been on an odyssey and ‘spoken’ with my grandparents that raised me, other family and friends. Teresa brings me information from time to time to help me connect with what is happening.

I’m actually still in the “I’m not sure what to make of this” stage. She knows so much about me that some answers fit my feelings.

However, she, her family and friends believe that her contact is real. She is even able to cast out evil spirits. Yes, they exist.

My desire is for some individuals that are unknown to her to experience what I have experienced.

Here’s the offer:

You may ask up to 2 questions of each of 2 people that have passed. You may also leave a message for each person.

This is absolutely free and no future obligation of any kind. Hopefully you will provide feedback to help me understand what is happening.

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