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The Shut Down isn’t about the Covid-19 Outbreak

Oh, it’s real enough, but we’ve lived through much worse.

My question is:  Was it intentionally released to destroy the economy that the President has literally built from the ground up and therefore ruin his reelection chances? Or, was it an accident? We may never know for sure, but it appears to be the former.

Let me take you on a little trip. What if it was intentionally released for the purpose listed and President Trump used this event for another, greater purpose? The President has made no secret that he hates Pedophiles and anyone that would harm children. There have been thousands more arrested during his 3 years in office than in 8 years of any predecessor. It has been one of his missions from the very start. But, far from the only one. Donald Trump truly cares about people. Not just Americans, but any oppressed people, of which we now all qualify. What if he utilized the Covid-19 Outbreak to totally reset the world.

Nesara/Gesara are being readied for implementation. We might as well lay our cards on the table. This is where we will end up. Exactly when? There’s no way of knowing with information that is available, but my guess is around January 1, 2021 for political reasons (mainly congress is not in session and, therefore, subject to arrest).

But until then, we are at war with the Deep State, Illuminati, Satanists, Royals, Pedophiles, Human Traffickers, Mob, Cartels, etc.

Human Trafficking is a far bigger enterprise than Drug Trafficking, although both utilize many of the same methods and people.

Most of Congress is compromised either by affiliation, actions, or outright purchase. Check out Operation Brownstone for more information.

Once Nesara/Gesara are implemented debt will be erased. It is a financial and freedom reset! We restore human rights and eliminate the “Money Changers”. Standards of living will be greatly increased and the Federal Reserve and IRS will be eliminated. All will enjoy the benefit that have been available to only a select few. Life will be the Blessing that it is intended to be.

Hold on tight, enjoy the ride and trust that your best interests are being taken care of. Most of all, don’t worry about money or sweat the small stuff. The virus will soon be gone, and our future will be much different that our lives today.

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