Why would we make problems for ourselves? We wouldn’t, we are not stupid! Right? Well, not so fast. Although, no thinking individual would purposely hurt themselves, they might be willing to hurt a stranger for cash! Lots of cash!

Would our universities, medical centers, scientists, CDC, WHO, US, doctors, insurance companies, big pharma, major corporations, law enforcement, military, border patrol, mayors, councilmen, senators, congressmen, judges, FBI, CIA, NSA, and many others literally sell us out to the highest bidder? Unfortunately, the answer is, many would. And those that will not sell out are, all too often compromised by their actions (think Operation Brownstone as an example).

The deeper we dig, the deeper it gets. Almost noting in our daily lives is chance! We are either part of the system, or we are being used by the system.

This gets me back to the purpose of the post… MONEY! We willingly pay ALL of the above to protect us from the very issues, they themselves, cause! Do you follow that? They cause the issues to extract your cash!

Without bad guys you do not need police, judges, jails. Without illness you do not doctors, nurses, hospitals, drugs. Without accidents you do not need insurance. Poorly designed roads contribute to accidents, which increases insurance premiums, need and profits.

Are you tying this together yet. Take ANY need and it generates Cash Flow. Money at rest cannot be stolen without being obvious. But, money in motion can easily be skimmed at every level. Then, you have things like $900 toilets for the Military! And, the sad part is… we’ve grown to accept this as the norm.

We are being played and we actually know this! Yet, we continue to fall for the same lies over and over and over again.

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