Let’s get to the point! Black Lives Matter, in as so much that Black Lives Matter Equally with all other human life. Not more, not less, but 100% equally.

BLM has absolutely nothing to do with Actual Black Lives Mattering! It is a radical political arm of the Democrat/Socialist Party. It is used for fundraising for which funnels most of its funds to WHITE Democrat Candidates, NOT to Black Communities (the same communities that are being ripped to shreds by BLM and ANTIFA).

Black Lives Matter. They matter whether they are being snuffed out during arrest by a white cop, or if being murdered in drive by shootings in Chicago! The killer is the problem, not the race of the killer.

Blacks need to hold themselves to a higher standard. I know the condescending, white overlords of the Democrat party would want you to believe that you are not capable of achieving that without their help, but this is NOT the case.

You should never be ashamed, or proud, to be Black. Your color was chosen by God, not by you.  No person of any race should carry shame, or pride, for God’s choice.

The focus that BLM brings on the Black community is not positive in nature. This needs to be corrected. The Black community has been manipulated and used by the Democrats for too many decades. Democrats do not treat you like you matter, they do not treat you as equals, they use you when it matters to them and then they throw you some crumbs that get skimmed and skimmed until there’s nothing that actually reaches the Black community, except the talk about how much they are helping.

It’s time for the BS to stop! Stop listening to the hollow words that keep you enslaved. Break free of the forgotten promises and condescending programs that profess to “lift you up” when, in fact, they do nothing but enslave you further.

This is a reach out. Not from a superior white man, but from a man, a human, a person that sees the plight and wishes to find a way to correct it. A person that wants to open true and honest dialogue to assist in healing the perceived wounds of both ‘sides’. There are no sides in this as we are all people with our own individual lives. Let’s pull together to break the chains we are all encumbered with. The elite don’t care about color, they care about what they can take from you! We are all being treated alike.


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