Biden Wins!

MSM has pronounced a winner! The fireworks have been set off. The VP is preparing her throne, and Joe is still running for the Senate.

We see the ungracious attacks from the minions and the media, Trump has lost, let’s gloat. Their lack of civility is ever present and always expected.

I have friends that have gloated so bad, that others have called them unflattering names that reference the human anatomy. I’m not saying the references were wrong, just unflattering.

But, before you ordain the winner and bestow power, you have some unfinished business to attend to. What’s that, you ask? Just the pesky little detail of actually winning the election!

There are many charges of fraud and vote tampering that appear to be substantiated with damning videos. There are recounts that are required by law in some close states. There are 138,000 unanswered Biden votes at 3 am. You know, just minor stuff when dealing with a big election.

There’s even possible evidence of China directly interfering to benefit Biden, some call that #ChinaGate and I would be inclined to agree, based on what I have seen.

So, Democrats you are welcome to party all you wish. And Republicans, you may lick your wounds, if you feel you’ve lost. But, the reality is, it is too early in the process to jump to any conclusion.



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