In 2016 we innocently asked ourselves “how could the polls have been so wrong?”  

We were told that Hillary would demolish Donald Trump in the election. It was like she was pre-ordained to be president. She was flippant in her approach to the election and was a lazy condescending campaigner. It was like she didn’t need us to win!

How could the polls have been so wrong?

Were we being conditioned by our mockingbird media? The polls verified that she was a shoe-in. Was it to suppress Trump votes? Or, was it for more sinister reasons?

It never seemed that Hillary took the election seriously, much the same way that Sleepy Joe just did as he pleased. How could either of them be leading in the Polls?

Trump busted his hump campaigning in both elections. He was inclusive, inviting people all races, religions, and sexual orientations to join in his efforts to remove the corruption and Make America Great Again! How could anyone be against that? Or, at least that’s what we thought in 2016 before all of the investigations and the impeachment. It was very clear, the corrupt swamp was fighting back, and fighting back hard.

But, I’m getting a bit off track. Why were the Polls so wrong? Were they controlled by the same swamp, you might ask? I might pose the question; “why wouldn’t they be?” Isn’t that just a natural extension of the mind/thought control that’s involved in keeping power?

What was the underlying reason for the Poll “errors”?

Were Poll Errors Were To Cover Voter Fraud?

If you have polls that support the win of a candidate, then there can’t be fraud, right? So, nothing to look at here, everything is legit! We’ve covered all the bases! And, in 2016 it worked, except, they had underestimated the turnout that Trump would receive, and Hillary lost! The Polls were WRONG! How could this be, how could they have been so wrong. The 3% vote switch built into the software for the voting machines have always produced the desired results. But, this time, the Democrats just plain blew it.

2018 there were no Trump coattails to ride and their 3% got them their desired results, almost. They did get the House, but not the Senate. But the house is what they wanted, now they could impeach the dreaded Trump! But, they couldn’t convict. However, the impeachment should damage him enough to prevent reelection, right?

With nothing but weak candidates to work with, they finally settled on Joe Biden to lead them. Joe is well past his prime, in fact he’s losing it mentally. He literally didn’t campaign and his gaffs were legendary.

Dementia Joe Let Us Know!

Yes, on October 24, 2020 Joe Biden said this:

He didn’t misspeak, he told the truth, and the 2020 results, and how the election was handled, proved it. There’s no doubt that the Democrats pulled out all the stops to steal this election. But, they were caught flatfooted again! The 3% vote switch would not be enough. The Polls predicted a Biden win, so that was covered. They had to lock out the poll watchers so they could actually fill out ballots. They were recorded doing this, they have whistle blowers attesting to it. But, they own the Attorneys General and the state courts in the states they played loose in. They’re covered, at least they think they are, even our Supreme Court has historically provided them shade.

Donald Trump campaigned harder than any Presidential candidate I’ve ever seen in the 68 years I’ve watched politics since the 1952 campaign. Donald Trump campaigned knowing he would lose the election, but forcing the democrats to grossly over play their hands.

His efforts paid off, turnout was historical and as expected the fraud had to be taken to new levels! The night of the election, even with the 3% vote switch, Trump was crushing Biden. Then the Democrats stopped counting! This alone is unprecedented, but to lock out poll watchers and have ballots delivered in truck loads until November 5th is beyond suspicious.

The vote fraud was easily traceable, it was obvious. Any 3rd grader could discern how and were it happened.

But, the Polls were not accidentally wrong, they intentionally misled the voting public to cover the necessary fraud that would take place. The Polls were complicit in the plot to deprive the American people of their Birthright and voice in how they are governed.

Now, What Is Our “Still Compromised Government” Going To Do With The Info?

Don’t think for a moment that the Democrats are going to roll over and fess up! That is just a pipe dream. The Democrats are fighting for their very lives and they have thousands of very powerful co-conspirators that must help protect them. The corruption is very deep and very wide!

Will Donald Trump Prevail?

I pray to God that he does! For the sake of trafficked women and children and American Freedom, I pray Donald Trump prevails against the vile corruption that is Washington D.C.

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