Or, “How The Swamp Was Drained and American AND The World Were Saved!”

The Art of the Deal, Exposed the Art of the Steal! Never Bet Against Donald J. Trump!

There are millions of theories about what we are watching unfold. But, no one that is watching and digging for facts can deny, it is masterful in size, scope, planning and execution.

Even those that follow and try to guess what’s coming next, of which I count myself as one, could not see every twist and turn. But, we could take solace in the fact that we knew a master was at work.

Based on what is slowly becoming public, slowly due to MSM ignoring the real story as they try to save their own asses, we will see a peaceful uprising the size of which has never been see, throughout the world! The chains are being broken! We The People can see a way to be free! And we will take it!

This has not been a short game, it has been going on for over 50 years. Donald Trump has been involved for most, if not all, of his life in reaching this ultimate goal. The long game has set up the opponents to destroy themselves. No shots need be fired as the war is won! But, the war is far from over.

Sometimes You Must Lose To Win!

Had Trump won the election (which he actually did) there would have been little to expose. But, he, and his team, knew the election had to be stolen. They had backed the Democrats into a corner to where they were forced to “win” at all costs. Then, Trump went on a rally blitz in the final weeks of the campaign that caught the democrats flatfooted. How could they beat the President? All stops were removed. They had nothing to lose at this point. They had to win! With that their all out fraud was glaringly obvious and easily tracked.

At least 50% of Trump supporters and 100% of his opponents are not ready for what is to come. America, and the world is being released from their shackles. True freedom is about to be released worldwide! Peace is about to become the norm! Governments will be reduced to serving at the will of the people, once again.

I believe we are standing at the threshold of the 1,000 years of peace prophesied in the Bible . Everything that is happening is Biblical in proportion.

China Was All-In With The Democrat Steal

Literally, China bet it’s life on the Democrat win! Joe Biden was their way to World Dominance. They risked everything to make it happen. But, they were caught before they even began.

Remember, Donald J. Trump has always been considered an oddity. He’s never quite fit in, he’s not polished (on the surface), he appears easily manipulated and even a bit of a duffus, strategically. You can’t win war, if you fight every battle. The enemy must always underestimate you, and underestimate you by a lot.

And so it was with the pageantry with which Trump was greeted when he visited China and Trump’s almost child like enthusiasm in putting together a new trade deal, one he knew China would never live up to, one he knew China would resent greatly. China has been the source of biological warfare for over 70 years. They fight dirty, very dirty. There was nothing that Trump could do to stop what was coming, but he could expose it for what it was, the China Virus. China manufactures almost all of the world’s medicines, it is in their financial best interest to release new viruses on a regular basis, COVID-19 was just another ordinary virus that was hyped by the W.H.O., Democrats and Media into the world pandemic they all needed it to be!

Are you ahead of me? Just catching up? Or, do you believe me a fool? No matter, for what is coming is coming. The real questions are: Do you see it? Are you ready for it? Do you have any guesses as to what is next?

We are on the verge of the peaceful collapse of the EU. We will be seeing elections that were considered to be free and fair overturned and rightful leaders put in place. Canada and France come to mind instantly. We will see a financial collapse of China’s economy causing an uprising that will remove the Communist Party as the ruling body. The people of Iran will overthrow the Ayatollah and return to a democratically run society. Monarchies will be no more. Our Constitution will be restored to its original form sans any reference to race or sex the amendments will be discarded (except the Bill of Rights and a clarified 14th).

The New World Order will be replaced with a New World Freedom!

Controls will be lifted, old obligations removed, a total world reset. The US Dollar will be returned to the Gold Standard. Governments will be cut by upwards of 75%. Laws will be rewritten, or removed. The power brokers will be powerless.

Many people will lose their lives. Yet, for the most part, this will be a peaceful transition. Many world leaders will be executed for their crimes against humanity. Consequences will return for bad actors.

You may see a different version. You may come to different conclusions. But, you can’t deny that things are changing, changing fast, and there’s no way it can return to what it was before Donald J. Trump ascended to the Presidency.


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