Let’s establish one thing, right off the bat. Businesses are in business to make money and perpetuate themselves. Business pay salaries to their employees and bonuses for performance. Employees work hard to keep their employer viable to secure their future.

Businesses do not operate to put themselves out of business!

The NRA is a Business!

Given the aforementioned facts. The NRA wants your gun rights threatened. It gives them purpose and it keeps the money rolling in. Don’t kid yourself, the NRA thinks of itself first and foremost.

You, as a member of the NRA, are contributing to the threats you are attempting to quell. The NRA and Congress work hand in glove to keep you scared that your rights will be taken away. This keeps the money flowing to the NRA and lobbying efforts that line the pockets and campaigns of members of congress.

Each member of congress aligns with the money supply he/she wished to “protect”. They get very wealthy pretending to threaten and protect you. The NRA helps them do this.

STOP giving to an organization that is working against you! Wake up!


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