Joe Biden Family, Inc., have far reaching energy connections. From the Ukraine to China, the more the USA spends on foreign oil. solar panels, or wind turbines, the more cash that finds its way into the Big Guy’s bank account.

But, Joe isn’t the only one, unfortunately. Kamala Harris has connections through the Biden Family, Senators Feinstein and Romney, Representatives Schiff and Pelosi have connections as well. Former Secretary Of State Clinton and Former Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton have their ties too.

We are viewing a criminal enterprise fleecing us of our wealth for their personal benefit. This is called Treason when it involves a foreign nation. We are currently being dictated to by just such people.

We have no time to wait, no time to lick our wounds. We were cheated out of our voice, our election, and America’s future is in the balance.

Patriots that desire to stay connected please join, and become active in, the Circle Of Patriots.  We must make a stand or lose our freedom forever.


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